To provide a positive lacrosse experience to the youth in Lake County, Florida.

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FLA – Rules on Conduct
1.7.1 Unless otherwise specified, penalties for violations of this section shall be decided and
imposed by the FLA Executive Committee. The FLA Executive Committee may also impose
additional penalties, beyond those specified, if deemed appropriate (i.e. game forfeiture, post
season ineligibility, game suspension, year suspension).
1.7.2.a If at any time the Executive Committee finds the conduct of any player or member of
the coaching staff to be detrimental and contrary to the best interest of his program, such
individual may be suspended by the FLA Board of Commissioners by a majority vote, from
further participation for whatever period of time may be deemed reasonable and proper.
1.7.2.b Each local commissioner should investigate any detrimental conduct by any player or
member of the coaching staff of his/her local club.
1.7.2.c All investigations of detrimental conduct, and penalties imposed, handled by the local
club commissioner shall be reported in writing within 48 hours of the incident and sent by fax
and/or email to the FLA Executive Committee.
1.7.3 Field commissioners and coaches shall be responsible for the conduct of all players,
members of the coaching staff and spectators. Improper conduct, in the judgment of the game
officials, on the part of the players, coaches or spectators may result in penalties, expulsion, and
suspension and or forfeiture of the game.
1.7.4 The local club commissioner or field commissioner shall have the responsibility to assist
the game officials in maintaining proper conduct of players, coaching staff and spectators.
1.7.5.a Any coach, moving from one club to another, is restricted from taking any players,
except their own children.
1.7.5.b No Head Coach, Assistant Coach, or any other club official shall recruit or otherwise
solicit players from another lacrosse club. Any coach so accused shall be required to appear
before the Executive Committee. If said accused is not a Head Coach, then the Head Coach will
also appear. This meeting will take place within 5 days from the reported infraction. Penalty
Immediate Suspension for one year from ALL FLA events.
1.7.5.c Any player or member of the coaching staff who is ejected from a game for
unsportsmanlike conduct will be suspended for the following game:
1. Any player allowed by game officials to return to a game shall not be considered as
being ejected from a game.
2. A player or member of the coaching staff removed from the game on the final play of
the game shall be considered ejected from the game and will be suspended for the
following game.
3. Game officials shall notify the Field Commissioner of any ejections. Commissioners shall
notify the FLA Executive Committee of any ejection, as soon as possible.
4. Use of an illegal player will constitute an immediate forfeit and a one‐season suspension
of the coach.
1.7.5.d Any player or member of the coaching staff who uses abusive, disrespectful, or profane
language or who otherwise exhibits unsportsmanlike conduct before, during, or after any ball
game will be suspended for the following game after review by the Executive Committee.
1.7.5.e Any member of the coaching staff who is involved in a fight before or after any game or
is ejected from a game for fighting will be expelled permanently from the League. The expullsion
must be reviewed by the Executive Committee who may confirm, or decrease the expulsion
based on the evidence.
1.7.5.f Any player or member of the coaching staff who repeats any of the aforementioned
offenses will be suspended for the remainder of the season or at the discretion of the Board
expelled from the League.
1.7.6 All Coaches of the FLA must read, understand, and sign the "FLA CODE OF CONDUCT"
form. (See Appendix 6). The completed Code of Conduct form is due to League no later than the
Thursday before the first (1) game of the season. The Code of Conduct form may be sent to the
League by facsimile, with the organizational Commissioner maintaining the original with the
club's official rosters.