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Weather Policy

Coaches are to use common sense and their best judgment when the weather starts to get bad. If there is no lightning involved, it will be left up to the coach/ officials whether to continue the practice/game.

In the event of lightning all players shall leave the field and seek shelter in enclosed motor vehicles with metal roofs and the windows rolled up or a solid building with plumbing and electricity for 30 minutes following the last sighting.

In the event that inclement weather is likely for the event (practice/game) parents are asked to either remain at the field or make arrangements with someone else so that a seat in a vehicle is assured for the player.

Coaches are to use the following methods to determine when to seek shelter.

"30-30" Rule
30 Seconds – STOP: Stop the practice/ game when there is a 30 second or less "flash to bang" (thunder) time. At 30 seconds "flash to bang," the lightning strike is 6 miles away.

30 minutes – RESUME: Resume the practice/game no sooner than 30 minutes after the last visible lightning flash or thunder.

Lightning Detectors

Lightning detectors signal when the lightning strikes are within 25, 12, 6, etc. miles. When practicing at the NTC, we will follow the signals of the lightning detectors at the baseball fields (both audible and visible from the Lacrosse field).

If practice is called, head coaches will rely on their team books for contact information and parents should be called to pick up their kids. For liability reasons, coaches are unable to drive players home.

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